More BWE for your gaming dollar

ArenaNet posted a list of the most noteworthy updates to Guild Wars 2 that will be implemented for the upcoming beta weekend (which I’m still upset that I’ll be missing).

I have tons of questions that need answers. Like, how does the WvW “mini-dungeon” work? Dark Age of Camelot had a dungeon in the frontiers, but it was pretty large and, while I adored the idea, I never had many great PvP moments in it. And what about the skill tier system? Hunter is skeptical of it, but like me he wants to know more before condemning it entirely.

Hopefully my fellow Guild Wars bloggers will be covering the event. I’ll be unable to play, but if I notice any worthwhile posts or videos, I’ll link them as I get time during my trip.

3 comments on “More BWE for your gaming dollar

  1. You mean Darkness Falls in DAoC? If that is what you are talking about it wasn’t actually in the Frontiers it was in PvE area you just had portals open up if you owned it. If it is the caverns you ate talking about, yeah you’re right. The new dark underground area in GW2 I hope is going to be sweet and nuts if you have a couple hundred people beating each other up in the darkness

    • No, not DF. Would LOOOOVE to have a GW2 equivalant to DF though. I was talking about the Passage of Conflict (had to look up the name).

      • Ahhh the PoC was awesome. I remember that. My friends and I would farm stuff in there. I forgot what specific stuff was, but I do remember farming stuff

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